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Much inequality in education

A report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that children with a migration background more often end up in pre-vocational secondary education and do less well on the labor market. Read more on the NOS website.


Closing schools for longer also means that inequality is increasing

Closing schools for longer also means that inequality is increasing


Education scientist Louise Elffers has been arguing for years for a later choice of school level

Education expert Louise Elffers: ‘The current system promotes inequality. It is especially disadvantageous for children with a language deficiency or children with less educated parents.’

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Equal opportunities in education

Structural investment in equal opportunities for everyone. A message to the caretaker Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Mrs. Ingrid van Engelshoven and the caretaker Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media, Mr. Drs. Arie Slob (21 June 2021)


“Opportunity inequality? It's not here."

Report on Student Congresses 2019 from LAKS (National Action Committee for Students)


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